A quick look at some of my work, from open source software development to data science at scale.


Hear from my collaborators and supervisors.

Mark Weber, Director
Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business

Joel is smart, curious, creative and skilled. His research skills are first-rate, and he takes obvious pleasure in solving worthy problems in novel ways. I hired Joel to work with me for a simple reason: I love working with highly intelligent, motivated and capable people who can get the job done.

John McLevey, Assistant Professor
University of Waterloo
Department of Knowledge Integration

For two years, Joel has been one of the lead developers in my data science lab – NetLab – at the University of Waterloo. In the time that I have known him, Joel has continually exceeded my expectations for any undergraduate or graduate student. I recommend him without any hesitation.

Winny Shen, Assistant Professor
University of Waterloo
Department of Psychology

Joel is one of the most intelligent and diligent students I have had the pleasure of mentoring. He quickly grasps complex ideas, demonstrates great facility with statistics, and never takes the easy way out. He would be an immense asset to any team or organization.