Bachelor of Knowledge Integration

2012 - 2017 · University of Waterloo

Major Averages

Knowledge Integration · 90%
Psychology · 93%

Honours Thesis

Grade Achieved · 97%


Dean's Honours List

Joint Honours Knowledge Integration

Knowledge Integration is a small interdisciplinary program which is unique to the University of Waterloo. Knowledge Integration encourages students to pursue the breadth and depth of their interests, and gave me the flexibility to combine social research, computer science, interdisciplinary studies, and design in ways that would be impossible in a conventional undergraduate program.

Joint Honours Psychology

Studying psychology gave me the opportunity to dive deep into statistics and research methods, in both theory and practice. I brought a unique, interdisciplinary perspective to these courses, and was able to use my statistical and computational abilities to exceed expectations with ambitious research projects.

Computer Science Minor

I filled my computer science minor with challenging courses which revolutionized my ability to work with data. I excelled in challenging courses in object oriented programming, data structures, numerical computation, and logic. Most importantly, I built on these skills by taking every opportunity to apply them to my research and course work in other areas.