Data Scientist

2018 - Present · Shopify

Contributed to the health and impact of our data systems by develping data products and ETL pipelines using state-of-the-art technologies like Apache Spark. Worked with cross-functional teams to develop product analytics and data strategy. Contributions include applying SparkML frequent pattern mining for contextual analysis of high-volume event data; building data foundations for operational and product teams; building a streaming service to deliver real-time SQL education at scale; developing a new methodology for annual estimations of merchant gross merchandise value; and conducting A/B tests to optimize user experience decisions.

Software Developer and Data Scientist

2016 - 2017 · NetLab @ the University of Waterloo

Developed Python packages that have enabled our interdisciplinary research team's leading-edge work in large-scale collaboration networks by streamlining the process of extracting and integrating data from multiple sources. Contributions include expanding features and increasing performance of existing tools; developing new Python packages; implementing data extraction and integration solutions; and developing coding tutorials.

Please contact John McLevey, Assistant Professor, as a reference for this position.

Research Assistant

2013 - 2017 · Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business

Collaborated with Dr. Mark Weber on all aspects of research in behavioural ethics and online self-presentation. Contributions include supplementary data collection using social media APIs, as well as developing hypotheses, study materials, and research methodology.

Please contact Mark Weber, Director, as a reference for this position.


2012 - 2016 · Silver Lake Mennonite Camp

Held a variety of leadership positions involving representing staff in capital, financial, and personnel decisions on the board of directors (2016), coordinating summer camp programming (2016), designing and implementing a two-part six-week leadership training program (2015), staff training (2014), and evaluating junior staff (2014). Other responsibilities included youth supervision, crisis management, and emergency preparedness.

Please contact Mark Weber, Chair of the SLMC Board of Directors, as a reference for this position.