joel becker

selectively technological creative

kitchener, ontario


If you're interested in my past musical projects, check out my youtube channel . If you would like to hire me as a keyboard player for a gig, event, or livestream, please contact me via email.


I work as a data scientist as my day job. If you're interested in work stuff, check out my linkedin profile .

The Monument, or, Reclaiming my Mortification

The Monument, or, Reclaiming my Mortification is a short film that started as a voice note. Watch it here.

the luddite

The Luddite is a collection of projects whose goal is the sharing of art in community in ways that adhere to principles of digital minimalism and are not subject to profit or advertising. My personal practice of visual art was started as a way of disconnecting from work and from the attention economy, and it's important to me to share that work in the context of the values that originally motivated it. If you're interested in staying up to date with the Luddite, please contact me via email.



My mixtapes started by needing ways to enjoy music while taking breaks from my phone. It has become one of my favourite ways of expressing myself through visual art and curating music.


I love collage because it's the essence of combinatorial creativity. It's a fast path to creative satisfaction, and the result is never what you expect.

xerox art

"Creative scanner use."

video synthesis

Video synthesizers have oscillators for hue, key, and pattern instead of pitch or timbre.

Get in touch

If you're interested in what I'm up to, you can contact me via email or check me out on instagram or linkedin .